assortis provides a range of tailor made services to companies and consultants running projects in countries in transition. It was founded in the year 2000.

assortis informs you of all development aid tenders financed by the worlds’ major funding agencies on a daily basis, providing you with access to a unique database of more than 70,000 contracted and shortlisted companies with whom you can partner.

assortis provides access to a database of more than 7,000 specialised consultants with experience in countries in transition and assists companies in recruiting the best candidates for their international projects, at headquarters or in the field. You can also buy an efficient database structure for your own CVs.

assortis supports consultants to keep their CV updated in various funding agencies formats, assists them in pro-active searches for international assignments and offers a list of the latest job opportunities published by companies running international projects.

assortis advises companies that want to invest in other consulting companies, want to know what their company is worth on the market or that are considering to sell their company.

Assortis Academy:
Turn Information into Success

Become familiar with bidding procedures and develop your proposal writing skills for the main Funding Agencies

Support to Tendering:
Receive a professional coaching all along the tendering process

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