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The Midterm Review of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the Initial Research Towards the 14th Five-Year Plan - Health Specialist  Tender / Procurement notice

Scope of Work The consultant will (i) conduct consultations as necessary and collect and evaluate key reports on the PRC's health sector, particularly in the areas of (a) elderly care, (b) healthy cities, (c) health security, and (d) health systems strengthening, including examples of successful private sector engagement in health and health service delivery; and (ii) identify potential areas of ADB-PRC collaboration on health projects.


ADB 7 036  USD 15 Jun 2019 21 Jun 2019
MYA: Enhancing Capacity Arrangements to Facilitate Trade in Myanmar-International Financial Market Expert1 Tender / Procurement notice

The consultant, in close cooperation with the ADB project team, will review and assess relevant financial institutions as well as businesses in support of the project.


ADB 7 430  USD 15 Jun 2019 21 Jun 2019
Strengthening Climate Change Resilience in Urban India - Supporting Climate Change-Resilient Smart Cities Mission Projects (Subproject 2) - Climate Change Expert (Policy)  Tender / Procurement notice

Scope of Work Project 1 of KIUWMIP. aims to (i) strengthen UWSS infrastructure in three towns (Byadagi, Davangere, and Harihar) of the inland subbasin; (ii) support reforms such as the establishment of an urban local body incentive fund (UIF); and (iii) support capacity development, including project management and administrative capacity.


ADB 24 324  USD 15 Jun 2019 21 Jun 2019
Provision of Vehicle Hire Services for UNICEF Project in Marsabit County in Kenya Request for quotation

4X4 Vehicle, 2.7 litres engine, 5 door, capable of carrying 5 passengers, i.e. Double Cab for on/off-road travel in the prevailing conditions in Turkana Kenya. The Four-wheel drive vehicles with 5 passenger seating capacity should be suitable for off-road conditions.


UNICEF, UNOPS   15 Jun 2019 19 Jun 2019
Supporting Skills Training and Education Pathways Upgradation Project - Survey of TVET Graduates, Secondary Schools Graduates and Employers in Bhutan Tender / Procurement notice

The objective of this consultancy is to collect high-quality data by interviewing selected secondary schools, TTI students, and TTI graduates and analyze the collected data to draw any implications for the STEPUP and the TVET system in Bhutan.


ADB 60 000  USD 15 Jun 2019 5 Jul 2019