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Strengthening Digital Information of the National Statistical Data Systems - Research Assistant or Analyst (SDMX) Tender / Procurement notice

Under the direction of the Project Officer, the consultant will need to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Provide technical and administrative support to the Project Officer and Team Members for the coordination and implementation of the TA;

2. Assist in organizing workshops, conferences, seminars, and training for the SDMX component of the TA;

3. Look into different technologies and/or platforms which can be used for the SDMX online training course.........


ADB 12 500  USD 20 Jan 2021 26 Jan 2021
Fida humanitarian projects in 2020 Early intelligence

Ministry for Foreign Affairs will provide 500 000 euros for Fida International for a projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the project, people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in South-Kivu and North-Kivu Provinces are supported through the distribution of COVID-19 protection and hygienic kits and information on Covid-19, as well as food assistance for the most vulnerable families.

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

FINNIDA, FORMIN 500 000  EUR 20 Jan 2021
Supporting for Human Capital Development Initiative - TVET Design Firm Extension

A TVET firm will be mobilized to provide its expertise in designing the proposed project Improved Access to Skills for Productive Employment Project (IASPEP) which is scheduled for ADB approval in 2021.


ADB 110 000  USD 20 Jan 2021 4 Feb 2021
Consultancy services for the detailed Design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Civil Works - towards an Integrated Transport System: Developing the Western Bus Rapid Transit Corridor in Cairo, Egypt Request / Invitation for expression of interest

The ultimate result of this service is to develop detailed designs for civil works along the entire BRT Corridor (42 km) which include pedestrian bridges, structural bridges, terminals, and tunnels. All detailed designs packages produced must be aligned with existing road planning and BRT corridor detailed designs. Detailed designs packages must meet all BRT standards and requirements as per the BRT planning guide and technical advice of the UN Habitat team and their consultancy firms.


UN, UN-HABITAT   20 Jan 2021 2 Feb 2021
Tanzania Productive Social Safety Net Project II. Director of Internal Audit  Request / Invitation for expression of interest

The consulting services ("the Services") objective is to manage the internal audit functions of the Project as specified in the Financing Agreement and Operational Manual.


WB, IFAD, OFID   20 Jan 2021 19 Feb 2021