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Belgium-Brussels: SAR/GALILEO Return Link Service Evolutions: Two Way Communication Service Prototype and Demonstration Tender / Procurement notice

The objective of the project is to set-up a system prototype demonstration of the SAR/Galileo return link service two-way messaging services and develop and validate a prototype of Second Generation Beacon.


EC 700 000  EUR 14 ago 2020 8 oct 2020
LTA for SMS Services Request for proposal

UNICEF has now issued a Request for Proposal in order to select a supplier for the SMS communication and microdonation services via telecommunication networks (for LTA Engagement).


UNICEF   14 ago 2020 4 sep 2020
Provision of Fully-tested Li-Ion Battery (Sony NP-F970/B or equivalent) Modules and Packs for the Next Generation Surveillance Systems (NGSS)  Request for proposal

This Statement of Work (SOW) describes the requirements for the provision of fully tested Li-Ion Battery (Sony NP-F970/B or equivalent) modules and packs for the Next Generation Surveillance Systems (NGSS) used by the IAEA surveillance team for installations around the world, hereinafter referred to as the 'Goods'.

The NGSS requires a battery for camera operations during loss-of-power events. The preconfigured 'Sony NP-F970/B or equivalent' Li-Ion Battery modules and packs will be used as a standard battery type for the NGSS and most of the Safeguards surveillance installations. The Contractor shall provide the batteries assembled either in a battery module or a battery pack.


IAEA   14 ago 2020 2 sep 2020
Sustainable Development of Rural Areas in Albania Tender / Procurement notice

Piloting regional Destination Management Organisations in Albania


GIZ   14 ago 2020 3 sep 2020
Iasi Water - Preparation of an Asset Management Plan Request / Invitation for expression of interest

EBRD intends to select and contract a consulting company (the "Consultant") for the development and implementation of a competent Asset Management Plan ("AMP") and adequate support software for Apavital, in order to facilitate proper future investment decisions and understand their future investment obligations in order to assure an agreed level-of-service performance in the most cost efficient manner. The Company needs an objective and reliable assessment method that can analyse both historical data across the entire water distribution system and assets criticality based on the prediction of failure risks in the future. Such an approach will ensure the optimisation of water network elements replacement programmes based on asset intelligence and will multiply the investment's efficiency


EBRD, EC 299 450  EUR 14 ago 2020 10 sep 2020