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Supply of Industrial electrical Controls Equipment and Training services (Syria).  Invitation for bids


UNIDO   17 aoû 2019 5 sep 2019
DCDC Health Services Private Limited - Nominee Director Tender / Procurement notice

The scope of work will be to serve on the Company's Board, providing strategic direction, feedback on technical issues as needed, and corporate governance issues. As a Director on the Company’s Board of Directors, the consultant will act in the interest of Company and assist it to run as a profitable business.


ADB 16 918  USD 17 aoû 2019 23 aoû 2019
Tactical Communications Radios Request for quotation

The U.S. Embassy San Jose has a requirement to procure Tactical Communication Radios for the Ministry of Public Security and their dependencies within the Government of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

USSTATE   17 aoû 2019 21 aoû 2019
Punjab Provincial Projects Readiness Facility-Engineering Design and Construction Management - PRF-01 Engineering Design and Construction Management (Phase 1) Tender / Procurement notice

The Government of Pakistan and Government of Punjab requested ADB to provide a project readiness financing (PRF) facility to conduct spatial planning, feasibility study and detailed engineering design, and assist in the procurement of civil works and equipment, ahead of ADB’s Project Loan which is expected to be approved in 2020.


ADB 7 416 000  USD 17 aoû 2019 15 sep 2019
Supporting Project Preparation - PPP/NSO Project Development (FSM) - P04 National Safeguard and Public Health Specialist  Tender / Procurement notice

Scope of Work The Consultant will liaise with the Team Leader to finalize: (i) Review of treatment options to consider; and safe applications methods to consider safeguarding public health; (ii) recommend institutional improvements and impact on tariff and reforms, in particular PPP enabling conditions for FSM; (iii) urban tree assessment including quantification of benefits, ideal urban cover and urban tree management priorities; (iii) due diligence of safeguard procedures of Huanwei


ADB 73 352  USD 17 aoû 2019 23 aoû 2019