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Profesional de Gestión de Información - Nivel 4A - DVR Tender / Procurement notice

El Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) invita a presentar cotización para Profesional de Gestión de Información - Nivel 4A - DVR.


UNDP   25 Ноя 2020 8 Дек 2020
Procurement of Lab items for ECTAD 505/USA project Request for quotation

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) invites you to submit an offer for the procurement of Lab items for ECTAD 505/USA project to be delivered to Bangladesh . If you are interested in submitting an offer, please make sure to have, at least, a UNGM Basic Registration with FAO (www.ungm.org).

Instructions on how to access FAO tender documents through UNGM are attached to the present Notice under the "DOCUMENTS" tab; please follow these instructions when submitting your bid.


FAO   25 Ноя 2020 1 Дек 2020
Sri Lanka Financial Sector Modernization Project. Hiring of a Consultancy Firm to carry out the full migration to RBS framework (to enhance supervisory and regulatory framework), including the review of RBC  Request / Invitation for expression of interest

The consulting services ("the Services") include: 

To strengthen legal, regulatory and supervisory frameworks, tools, capacity of the Client and related IT infrastructure at the Client in line with international standards;

To strengthen the insurance, reinsurance and distribution channels, business processes, procedures and practices of the insurance industry in line with international best practices...

Шри Ланка

WB   25 Ноя 2020 20 Дек 2020
Janitorial services Clarification / Questions & Answers

The solicitation will cover the standard and temporary/additional services for the janitorial services for the Tri-Mission in Rome, and the Consulates of Florence, and Milan.


USSTATE   25 Ноя 2020 30 Ноя 2020
Household Heating Equipment Request for quotation

We kindly invite you to submit your quotation for Household Heating Equipment.

Северная Македония

UNDP   25 Ноя 2020 2 Дек 2020