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Poland-Warsaw: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for Medium Altitude Long Endurance Maritime Aerial Surveillance Contract notice

Frontex is looking to acquire aerial surveillance services by the means of Medium Altitude Long Endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (MALE RPAS) for maritime purposes. The service will be delivered in Greece and/or in Italy and/or in Malta within a framework contract signed between Frontex and the contractor. The aerial surveillance service shall include reliable close to real time live data streaming and data sharing capacity in the requested formats. Frontex is looking for a complete service providing all the necessary technical and human resources, including obtaining the applicable permissions and certificates.

Греция , Италия, Мальта

EC 50 000 000  EUR 18 Окт 2019 14 Ноя 2019
Belgium-Brussels: EU Support for Supply of Equipment to IDDEEA Contract notice

Lot 1: Embossing press for license plates and hot stamping machine; Lot 2: Video surveillance and access control system; Lot 3: Notebooks, desktops computers and printers; Lot 4: Network equipment; Lot 5: Big data appliance, servers and other equipment; Lot 6: PKI — HA appliance with integrated sign server and timestamp server.

Босния и Герцоговина, Бельгия

EC   18 Окт 2019 23 Дек 2019
Long Term Agreement for the Supply of Gamma Spectrometer Systems with HPGe Detector Request for quotation

High-resolution gamma spectrometry system for the verification and determination of gamma emitting radionuclides


IAEA   18 Окт 2019 6 Ноя 2019
Australia Awards Myanmar Clarification / Questions & Answers

The Contractor will be responsible for providing the following administration and analytical services and will: (a) provide analysis to underpin targeted and evidence-based decisions on the direction of Australia Awards; (b) support administration of up to 40 Australia Award Scholarships per annum; (c) pilot short courses and support enabling activities in Myanmar, including for English language training to potential applicants and/or scholars; (d) support DFAT to apply evidence and build inclusive opportunities for marginalised groups to access Australia Awards..........

Мьянмар, Австралия

AusAID   18 Окт 2019 4 Ноя 2019
LITB-2019-9153120 LTA des outils EDD primaire Section Education/UNICEF Invitation for bids

Dans le cadre des Accords à Long Terme à une durée limitée sans valeur cible, le bureau de l'UNICEF Madagascar lance un appel d'offres pour la fourniture progressive des outils EDD (Brochures et planches pédagogiques).


UNICEF   18 Окт 2019 31 Окт 2019