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Water and Sanitation Sectoral Project. Recrutement Spécialiste Environnement - Santé - Sécurité  Request / Invitation for expression of interest

L'Expert en Environnement, santé et sécurité


WB   23 Янв 2021 8 Фев 2021
Supporting Adaptation Decision Making for Climate Resilient Investments - Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

Scope of Work

The Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment Specialist will coordinate with national stakeholders; identify and collect climate and disaster risk information from national sources; and provide inputs to the development of suitable approaches to data display, analysis, interpretation and presentation of climate and disaster risk information for decision-making purposes.


ADB 40 000  USD 23 Янв 2021 29 Янв 2021
PROC. OF NSN 1630010345387, STATOR TUBE,TORQUE,BRAKE, 182 EA Request for proposal

List of item




NATO   23 Янв 2021 19 Фев 2021
Project Expert on strengthening EVAWG laws and institutions  Tender / Procurement notice

It will also focus on improvement of gender data/statistics collection in view that quality, disaggregated and globally comparable data on different forms of VAWG and harmful practices is a key to inform laws, gender-responsive policies, evidence-based advocacy and dialogue addressing the gender equality, prevention of SGBV, ensuring human rights and promotion the realization of the sexual and reproductive health and rights.


EC, UNDP, UNW   23 Янв 2021 28 Янв 2021
Business Plan Preparation for the Agriculture Commodity Exchange - Legal specialist with commodity trade specialization Extension

The proposed TA will further define the establishment of an international commodity exchange within the AIFC legal jurisdiction focusing on research for business elements, support infrastructure requirements, and regulatory aspects. The TA will support the government and ADB to develop a tighter design of an ensuing potential investment. The success of contracts in agriculture depend substantially on demand from international companies. By contrast, contracts on electricity and emissions depend substantially on domestic demand. By listing contracts on both categories, the exchange would benefit from a portfolio effect, increasing the probability that the exchange succeeds.


ADB 110 000  USD 23 Янв 2021 29 Янв 2021