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Advancing Gender Equality in Costa Rica’s Police Forces Call for proposals / Grant notice

Develop an empowerment strategy on gender equality for the Costa Rican National Police, which includes: a system of theoretical and practical modules that facilitate strategies to train police officers in current gender issues; manuals of good practices for their constant application in police and administrative activities; and respective guides for verifying the application of gender equality in daily police and administrative work.


USSTATE 200 000  USD 5 Дек 2020 29 Янв 2021
GSM Voice and Data Services at Papa Airbase Hungary Clarification / Questions & Answers

The objective is to have a solution which provides a robust and reliable GSM based voice and data communication for NSPA NATO Airlift Management Programme Office (NAM PO) and the Heavy Airlift Wing (NSPA customer) users at Papa Air Base in Papa, in Hungary and Worldwide. 


NATO   5 Дек 2020 9 Дек 2020
Policy Advice for COVID-19 Economic Recovery in Southeast Asia - Philippine Identification System Extension

The Government of the Philippines (GOP) launched a four-Pillar Socio-Economic Strategy Against COVID-19 comprising; (i) emergency support for vulnerable groups; (ii) resources to fight COVID-19; (iii) fiscal and monetary actions and (iv) an economic recovery plan.


ADB 200 000  USD 5 Дек 2020 11 Дек 2020
National Consultancy on eradicating the spread of the house mouse on Marion Island and developing protocols to prevent future introductions in Marion Island and Prince Edward Islands in South Africa Tender / Procurement notice

The overall purpose of the consultancy is to find out how South Africa can eradicate the house mouse from Marion Island by providing required information for Component 3, Output 3.1 on eradicating the spread of the house mouse on Marion Island and developing protocols to prevent future introductions in Marion Island and Prince Edward Islandsto be used in development of the project document and CEO endorsement request.

Южная Африка

GEF, UNDP, UNEP   5 Дек 2020 11 Дек 2020
REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): Provide MHPSS capacity building on Integrative ADAPT Therapy (IAT) training and certification for humanitarian actors, government partners  Request for proposal

Under this service contract, the service provider is expected to train and certify local practitioners and humanitarian workers on Integrative ADAPT Therapy (IAT) intervention. The proposed project activities will focus on training, supervision, and certification of trainees selected by UNFPA and Yangon University. This will not only contribute to alleviation of the strain the pandemic has placed on the local health system, but also to the longer-term MHPSS system strengthening by delivering MHPSS interventions that has proven to improve mental health and build resilience in the most vulnerable populations...


UNFPA   5 Дек 2020 5 Янв 2021