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Project title

Horticulture Development Project

Early intelligence
12 Jun 2014
14 Dec 2018
Action plan / Procurement plan
18 Apr 2020
30 May 2020


18 April 2020

Closing date

30 June 2023



Procurement type

Services, Supplies, Works



Funding Agency

WB - World Bank

Estimated duration

108 months



The objectives of the Horticulture Development Project for Uzbekistan are to: (a) enhance the competitiveness of industries, such as agroprocessing; and (b) diversify the economy and thereby reduce its reliance on a few commodity exports, such as cotton. The project will contribute to poverty reduction in the country by assisting horticulture farmers, many of whom are small and comprise the poorest, to increase their farm productivity and incomes, and thereby fostering greater and better rural jobs. The project comprises three components. The first component, Agricultural Support Services, will: (a) strengthen the capacity of participating research institutes and plant protection services to provide a demand driven, participative technology transfer that will help the farmers to respond to the emerging market opportunities; (b) enhance the capacity of farmers to improve quality and productivity of their product, as well as to identify and respond to market opportunities both domestically and in export markets
; (c) improve the country's food safety management system, as well as ensure their regulatory harmonization with international food safety requirements. The second component, Access to Credit, includes the following activities: (a) provision through selected Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) of investment and working capital sub-loans and lease financings to beneficiaries; and (b) provision of technical assistance and training to PFIs to increase their capacity in managing a range of innovatively structured finance products that support the development of value chains. Lastly, the third component, Project Management, includes the provision of goods, technical assistance and training to the Rural Restructuring Agency for the implementation of the project (including the areas of financial management, procurement, disbursement, monitoring and evaluation) and financing of incremental operating costs.

Basic Information

Project ID P133703
Status Active
Approval Date June 12, 2014
Closing Date June 30, 2023
Country Uzbekistan
Region Europe and Central Asia
Environmental Category B
Team Leader Dilshod Khidirov
Implementing Agency Republic of Uzbekistan;Rural Restructuring Agency;
Total Project Cost** US$ 183.13 million
Commitment Amount US$ 150.00 million
Agricultural Extension, Research, and Other Support Activities 10%
Public Administration - Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry 5%
Other Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry 37%
Agricultural markets, commercialization and agri-business 48%

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