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Project title

Promoting Sustainable Energy for All in Asia and the Pacific - Sustainable Energy for All Regional Hub for Asia and the Pacific (Subproject C) - Sustainable/Clean Energy Expert

Country Programme / Action Plan
Tender / Procurement notice
14 Jan 2020


14 January 2020


20 January 2020


55 500 USD

Procurement type

Individual consultants


48435-004 Package Sustainable/Clean Energy Expert

Funding Agency

ADB - Asian Development Bank

Estimated duration

10 months



Date Published: 14-Jan-2020 Deadline of Submitting EOI: 20-Jan-2020 11:59 PM Manila local time

Consultant Type Individual
Selection Method Individual Consultant Selection (ICS)
Source International
Technical Proposal Not Applicable

Selection Title Promoting Sustainable Energy for All in Asia and the Pacific - Sustainable Energy for All Regional Hub for Asia and the Pacific (Subproject C)

Package Name Sustainable/Clean Energy Expert

Advance Action No

Engagement Period 10 MONTH

Consulting Services Budget USD 60,000

Budget Type Estimated

Approval Number 8953
Approval Date 10-Sep-2015
Estimated Short-listing Date 20-Jan-2020
Estimated Commencement Date 25-Jan-2020
Open to non-Member Countries No

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension Not known
Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment Not known

Country of assignment Regional

Contact Information

Project Officer Kee-Yung Nam
Designation Principal Energy Economist
Asian Development Bank


Primary Agency Country Agency Role Contact Person
Asian Development Bank Regional Executing Agency Kee-Yung Nam

Cost Estimate

Cost Items Amount in USD
Remuneration and Other Expenses
All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc.55,336
Contingency 164



Terms of Reference (Individual Consultant)

Expertise Clean Energy
Expertise Group General Administration
Consultant Source International
TOR Keywords

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is committed to increasing access to clean and affordable energy for
people throughout the Asia and Pacific region, particularly the poor. This commitment is in line with
ADB's Strategy 2020 and is reaffirmed in ADB's 2009 Energy Policy, which identifies maximizing access to
energy for all as one of the three pillars for ADB's overall support in the energy sector. Since 2005,
the Energy Efficiency Initiative (EEI), now known as Clean Energy Program (CEP), has been providing
technical assistance (TA) to ADB's operations departments in increasing clean energy (CE) investments in
DMCs through capacity-building, planning, policy development, regulatory, and communications support
that intends to create the enabling environment for these investments, and develop a pipeline of clean energy projects.

Under the Clean Energy Program, ADB sponsors the Asia Clean Energy Forum, an annual key knowledge event
held at ADB's Headquarters in Manila. The Forum brings together major stakeholders on clean energy, both
within and outside the Asia Pacific region. The event provides a major knowledge platform for scaling up
clean energy development in Asia and the Pacific. In 2019, ADB successfully managed the 14th Asia Clean
Energy Forum for exchange of experiences on key issues and latest developments in clean energy. As ADB
will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the ACEF 2020, ADB plans to use ACEF 2020 to reflect on what
has been achieved during the past 15 years and have directed discussions on how to build upon this to
accelerate the clean energy transition throughout Asia and the Pacific region, and to address global
climate change along with economic and social development. The ACEF 2020 theme can set the scene for
discussions around ADB’s Energy Sector’s future directions and strategy; a continued focus on the 7
operational priorities of ADB’s Strategy 2030.

Scope of Work

The objective of this assignment will be to provide technical support to ADB's Sustainable Development
and Climate Change Department (SDCC) and ACEF Steering Committee in the design and implementation of
ACEF 2020, including identification of and communication with potential speakers, planning of session
design, and reporting on the event.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

1. Submission and ADB acceptance of ACEF forum announcement - Submission Date: 28-Feb-2020 (20%)

• Prepare draft forum overview and announcement
• Developing draft Save the Dates notice

2. Submission and ADB acceptance of Webpage and mobile app on Clean Energy Forum Submission Date; 15-Mar-2020 (20%)

• Set up event page, distribute announcement, and establish online registration system
• Frequent update on the ACEF webpages including:
o About
o Partners and Sponsors;
o Week at a Glance
o Pre-Forum Events
o Plenaries
o Deep Dive Workshops
o Thematic Tracks
o Mobil App Developed

3. Facilitating the conduct of ACEF 2020 - Submission Date: 15-Apr-2020 (30%)

• Support in identifying and sending out invitations to External Track Chairs and Advisory Group Members (if any)
• Call for Abstracts, screen abstracts and notify the selected abstracts
• Identify and Invite speakers and presenters for the relevant session topics

4. Submission and ADB acceptance of Forum Report
Submission Date: 15-Sep-2020 (30%)
• Posting of forum proceedings on the web, obtaining feedback from participants
• Final Forum Report

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant should have a university degree in energy, economics, with at least 10 years of
international experience in the field of energy, engineering, or any related area. Previous work
experience with international development and financial institutions in the Asia and Pacific region, and
broad familiarity with private sector, non-profit, and government actors working in Asia's clean energy
sector is preferred.

Minimum General Experience 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 10 Years
Regional/Country Experience Required

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type Intermittent
Max. Working Days/Week Home Office 5 Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date
Home Office, Other 10 25-Jan-2020 29-Feb-2020
Manila, Philippines 5 01-Mar-2020 14-Mar-2020
Home Office, Other 8 15-Mar-2020 09-May-2020
Manila, Philippines 5 10-May-2020 20-May-2020
Home Office, Other 10 21-May-2020 06-Jun-2020
Manila, Philippines 7 07-Jun-2020 18-Jun-2020
Home Office, Other 10 19-Jun-2020 15-Sep-2020

Total 55

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