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Project Administration Unit - Credit Analyst (Infrastructure Finance Unit- CWRD)

Country Programme / Action Plan
Tender / Procurement notice
19 Jun 2020
Re-advertisement / Re-launch
30 Jun 2020


30 June 2020


13 July 2020


24 290 USD

Procurement type

Individual consultants


SC 111268 PHI

Funding Agency

ADB - Asian Development Bank

Estimated duration

12 months



Date Published: 30-Jun-2020    Deadline of Submitting EOI: 13-Jul-2020 11:59 PM Manila local time


Selection Profile

Consultant Type: Individual

Selection Method: Individual Consultant Selection (ICS)

Source: National

Technical Proposal: Not Applicable

Selection Title: Project Administration Unit - Credit Analyst (Infrastructure Finance Unit- CWRD)

Total Inputs: 229 Working Days

Open to non-Member Countries:  No:

Engagement Period (Months) 12

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension:  Not known

Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment:  Not known

Country of assignment: Philippines

Country of eligibility for national consultants: Same as country of assignment

COVID-19 Related Assignment No

Contact Information

Project Officer: Salman Ahmed

Designation: Investment Specialist Asian Development Bank


Contact Person for Inquiries: Stefan Hruschka

Designation: Unit Head, Project Administration Asian Development Bank


Publishing History

Typed | Publication Date | Published By | Duration of Advertisement | Deadline

Original | 19-Jun-2020 | Mary Khristine D. Palad | 10 DAYS | 28-Jun-2020 |

Re-Adver | tisement30- | Jun- | 202 | 0Mary Khristine D. Palad14 DAYS13-Jul-2020 |

CSRN Additional Information / Attachments:

Terms of Reference (Individual Consultant)

Expertise: Credit Analyst

Expertise Group: Finance and Investment

Consultant Source: National

TOR Keywords: portfolio management, credit monitoring, infrastructure finance

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

ADB's non-sovereign portfolio is managed by the Private Sector Portfolio Management Division (PSPM). The

Central and West Asia portfolio team of PSPM manages multiple infrastructure and agribusiness debt

transactions, which are supervised by a team of full time ADB analysts and investment specialists. PSPM

looks to hire a consultant to assist in preparation of various kinds of credit monitoring reports,

consent memos and other reports based on pre-defined templates. The consultant would also provide

support in various administrative tasks in connection with managing the division's portfolio and

interacting with ADB's clients.

Scope of Work

• Preparation of credit reviews based on ADB templates, under supervision of senior staff, and with some

technical guidance if required (above 80% of workload).

• Preparation of data compilations, internal memoranda (for waiver requests, etc.), communication to

clients, and other materials based on portfolio information, to aid preparation of project completion

reports analyzing the developmental effectiveness of completed ADB transactions. Under supervision of

senior staff, and with some technical guidance if required (less than 20% of workload).

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

A. Credit monitoring

• Independently prepare (and support Investment Specialists during preparation) of annual credit

monitoring reports and quarterly watchlist reports.

• Be able to critically analyze clients reportorial, operational and financial information.

• Identify early signs of financial issues and communicate those succinctly (written and verbally) to

multiple stakeholders.

• Be able to analyze the commercial and legal implications of client's consent requests and present

those confidently to dealing officers, risk specialists, counsel and senior management. Work with

clients and other PSPM staff to design remedial measures (waivers, demand letters, others) and implement

them with other ADB departments (Office of Risk Management, Office of the General Counsel, Treasury

Department, Controller's Department and others).

• Have a basic understanding of corporate and project financial models. Should be able to prepare and

present the output of a scenario / sensitivity analysis.

• Plan and participate in project monitoring missions.

B. Project Monitoring

• Ensure that clients adhere to their reportorial obligations to ADB, in a timely manner, that

submissions are complete and accurate.

• Monitor the development effectiveness parameters and environmental and social management system

compliance of transactions for compilation in PSOD's Development Effectiveness Report.

C. Database maintenance

• Ensure completeness of ADB's document management systems for legal documentation, security documents

and project contracts for new project approvals, as well as completeness of documents created in PSPM

post-origination; and

• Track and update relevant databases related to project information, consent requests, client relation

management system.

D. Project Extended Annual Review Reports

• Prepare extended annual review reports (XARRs) jointly with PSOD staff or consultants to evaluate

developmental and financial achievements of a transaction before the end of its life. Perform desk

review, collect data, financial and developmental performance of projects, conduct interviews and

participates in missions to evaluate projects for this report.

E. Administrative and Planning Support

• Participate in the ad hoc work assigned by management including various change initiatives,

development of systems and processes.

The contract is subject to performance evaluation review, conducted at midpoint or annually, whichever

comes first. The review shall be based on achievement of assignment specific outputs on time and on

budget. Any changes in stated outputs need to be approved by ADB. ADB reserves the right to terminate

the contract i) if outputs are not achieved on time and at quality level acceptable to ADB; ii) services

are no longer required or iii) for any other reasons in the interest of the project. Pre-termination of

the contract is subject to 2-weeks notice.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

• Bachelor's degree in finance, business or related fields, preferably with advanced training

• At least 6 years of relevant work experience in the field of project, corporate, or infrastructure

finance, working for a financial institution

with a leading commercial bank, international financial institution, investment bank, infrastructure

fund or consultancy firm.

• Good understanding of credit analysis with respect to corporate and project finance transactions.

• Strong skills in client management.

• Strong analytical thinking, with ability to comprehend causal links, undertake cost-benefit analysis,

and identify critical factors to reach a decision.

• Ability to independently identify tasks and priorities within the area of responsibility; formulate

and then execute plans for the completion of such tasks

• Proven ability to undertake research and analysis on bespoke requests.

• Skills and confidence required to conduct discussions and negotiations with clients with limited


• Ability to work in a multicultural setting and strong team player.

• Excellent written (including effective report writing) and verbal communication skills in English.

Minimum General Experience: 6 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 6 Years

Regional/Country Experience:  Desired


Details Name Type Estimated Submission Date

Preparation of 10 to 12 annual monitoring reports Report 15-Jul-2021

Around 15 waiver and amendment requests, watchlist memoranda Others 15-Jul-2021

Regular participation in client meetings, responsibility for around 10 transactions Others 15-Jul-2021

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type


Max. Working Days/Week

Home Office 5

Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date Other Details (use if place selected is Others)

Manila, Philippines 105 15-Jul-2020 31-Dec-2020

Manila, Philippines 124 01-Jan-2021 15-Jul-2021



Cost Estimate:

Cost Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses

All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 22,290

Contingency 2,000