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Provision of Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) services for projects funded by the Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF)

Request / Invitation for expression of interest
14 Jul 2020


14 July 2020


7 August 2020



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UN - United Nations

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36 months


Syria, Turkey

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Provision of Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) services for projects funded by the Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF)

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7 August 2020

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Address EOI response by fax or e-mail to the Attention of:

Jasminka Didic-Kekic

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The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) at Geneva is looking to establish a contract with a service provider to undertake Third Party Monitioring of projects funded by the Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF). SCHF monitoring is a key pillar of the fund's risk management.

The main purpose if to provide an additional level of verification of project results to assess progress made toward set targets and to verify the accuracy of reports submitted by the partners. As such SCHF monitoring activities have three main objectives:

• Verify partner progress in delivering of project outputs and activities (as per log frame and work plan), the beneficiary targeting process, the use of resources (as per budget) and internal monitoring and reporting systems;

• Triangulate information collected through other means, identify gaps and trends in humanitarian operations and reflect on best practices and lessons learned using findings and recommendations for results management, risk mitigation and public information;

• Strengthen partnership and coordination between OCHA, the partner and the local authorities, and to engage and seek feedback from affected communities. At the end of each allocation, the SCHF Monitoring Section prepares a timebound Monitoring Action Plan in adherence with SCHF operational modalities which define the monitoring requirements based on the partner risk level, project duration and total budget. Upon receiving the Action Plan, the TPM partner is expected to finalize the monitoring reports according to the deadlines in order to deliver the monitoring recommendations to the implementing partners on a timely manner. The size of the core service provider team should be enough to deliver 70 reports per year, with a surge capacity to increase the number of monitoring reports to 120 per year, if need be and upon SCHF written request.

Geographical area: The TPM services should cover the whole are of Northwest Syria. Depending on the

evolution of the situation on the ground, other areas may be added.

SCHF is based at OCHA Turkey Office in Gaziantep. The service provider maybe required to attend 2 – 3 days of meetings a year.

The duration of the contract is envisaged to be three (3) years, with optional two (2) one-year extensions.


The specific requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

a) The service provider must be impartial and independent from all aspects of management or financial interests in the entity being monitored. During the period under contract with SCHF, the service provider and the TPM Team should not be employed by, serve as director for, or have any financial or close business relationships with any of the entities being monitored.

b) Dedicated team of professionals (including a full time team leader) to carry out the proposed contract ;

c) Prospective service provider must have experience in conducting field visits in Syrian districts, towns and camps


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