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FUEL SERVICES for the Navies of NLSP

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14 Jan 2021


14 January 2021


18 March 2021



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Services, Supplies



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FUEL SERVICES for the Navies of NLSP

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LB - General and Cooperative Services Programme

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18 Mar 2021

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NSPA has a requirement to establish a contract to provide fuel to the navies currently supported by the NSPA Naval Logistic Support Partnership (NLSP) and to provide fuels in support of naval operations and training using best industry practices. There are currently 20 navies using the NLSP to support their vessels in home port and in foreign ports with NSPA fuel services.

1.2. The main aim of this requirement is to provide naval distillate fuels meeting the product requirements of military NATO code F-76 Fuel Naval Distillate or its commercial equivalent marine gas oil (MGO) grade DMA.

1.3. The secondary aim of this requirement is to provide other (miscellaneous) fuel-types and fuel additives as requested by the Ordering Authority, including, but not limited to, aviation fuels, ground fuels, other marine fuels such as intermediate fuel oils (IFO), and additives such as urea.

1.4. Commercial grade fuels shall meet ISO 8217 (latest available edition). Where ISO 8217 is not available, the Contractor shall advise the Ordering Authority that the fuel offered does not meet ISO 8217 and the Contractor shall provide a fully defined alternative specification to the Ordering Authority requesting his approval or rejection. Military grade fuels supplied shall meet the requirements detailed in STANAG 1385. Aviation fuels shall meet the requirements of STANAG 3747. Ground fuels shall meet the requirements of STANAG 7090 .The latest edition of these specifications shall be used.

1.5. Contractors shall be fully and solely responsible for, and shall ensure of the continual provision of fuel support at any given time. See paragraph 7.1 for further details.


2.1. The scope of this SOW is to identify the requirement for a fuel capability in specifically named ports and in geographically defined regions, identified in the annexes to this SOW, and to establish the procedures for provision of these fuels.

2.2. Fuel shall be supplied for the use of ships, on board equipment, aircraft, vehicles, ground support equipment, or units acting in support of naval activities, including but not limited to, operations, exercises or training, and delivered to requested locations including but not limited to, pier side, anchorages, naval facilities and shore-based tanks (see paragraph 5.4).

2.3. The Contractor shall be responsible for timely and sufficient fuel supply. The most economical means of transport and delivery shall always be used by the Contractor.

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