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Project title

Governance and Peace Consultant

Tender / Procurement notice
23 Feb 2021


23 February 2021


28 February 2021



Procurement type

Individual consultants



Funding Agency

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

Estimated duration

10 months



Governance and Peace Consultant

Procurement Process : IC - Individual contractor

Office : UNDP Country Office - JORDAN

Deadline : 28-Feb-21


Reference Number : 75651

Link to Atlas Project :

00064437 - Development Effectivness

Overview :

Procurement Notice on the Governance and Peace Consultant

Jordan Country Office

1. Job title: Governance and Peace Consultant

2. Duty station: Home based

3. Practice area: Governance and Peace pillar at UNDP Jordan Country Office

4. Optional additional practice area: N/A

5. Brand: UNDP

6. Type of contract: Individual Contract

7. Post type and level: IC International

8. Languages required: English

9. Starting date: 11.3.2021

10. Ending date: 31.12.2021

11. Expected duration of assignment: 10 Months


UNDP Jordan delivers direct policy and technical support to provide effective solutions to

the development challenges of exclusion and vulnerability. In partnership with the

Government of Jordan and other developmental partners, UNDP promotes a resiliencebased

approach that ensures sustainability, coherence and complementarity of results in

support of national priorities and the 2030 Agenda and achievement of the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs). In its programmes on Inclusive Participation and Institutional

strengthening, UNDP develops effective mechanisms to promote inclusive, accountable,

transparent institutions at all levels to ensure decision-making that is participatory,

representative and responsive to the needs and priorities of citizens, and which

contributes to peace and security. This work includes engagement with the Jordanian

Parliament, governmental ministries, independent commissions and decentralised bodies

as well as enabling grassroots initiatives that provide opportunities for access to justice,

rule of law, human rights, community security, and prevention of violent extremism. This

assignment will focus on promoting the effective participation of youth into decisionmaking

at all levels in Jordan in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2250 and also

SDG 16+. This work will support engagement with, and capacity building, of national

platforms on youth participation with a specific focus on making the voice of youth heard

in political and consultative processes, including electoral processes. Key governmental

partners in this area will include the Parliament, governorate councils and municipal

bodies, as well as the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Youth and

Independent Election Commission. Key nongovernmental partners will include the Crown

Prince Foundation and the extensive civil society networks on youth participation. Key

international partners will include UN agencies (especially the UN Resident Coordinator's

Office, UNICEF, UN Women and UNESCO), donors and a range of international

implementing partners.

DocuSign Envelope ID: 1C7C0DDD-D929-475B-ABCD-EBCF00D40DC4


 Under the direct supervision of the Elections and Democratization and External Relations

Units Coordinator and the overall supervision of the Governance and Peace Pillar Team

Leader, the consultant will undertake the following tasks:

- Support the development and implementation of programmes/projects promoting

civic and political participation at the governmental, parliamentary and decentralized

levels, and on issues relevant to human security, peace, social cohesion, elections and


- Provide technical support to the elections and democracy portfolio, in particular to

the implementation of the UNDP/UN Women joint programme on women, including

drafting situation and analytical reports on women and political participation.

- Support resource mobilization, implementation and reporting on initiatives under

the Joint UNDP/ UN Women Programme.

- Conduct research and analysis on relevant topics including gathering and reviewing

specialist reports; monitoring and tracking political and thematic developments of

human security and democracy.

- Prepare briefings, concept notes, project proposals and project and programme

related reports related to the Election and democracy portfolio.

- Support to communications & knowledge sharing through contributing to the

internal and external communications including social media content development;

participation in team meetings and knowledge building events.

- Provide support to the External Relations Unit in seeking partnerships through

research and regular tracking of donor interventions inside Jordan and resource

mobilization, including donor countries, development agencies, the Regional Hub and

the UN agencies, including UNDP's funding window and actively participate in the

design and development of related programmes/projects;.

- Prepare content for knowledge materials, maintaining knowledge archive and

establishing effective knowledge sharing structures with partners, including

facilitation and/or moderation of community of practice networks.

- Ensure reporting, monitoring, evaluation through contributing to programme

reports, note-taking of key meetings, data collection and analysis.

- Develop infographics, drafting and publication of resource materials.

- Support effective programme and project management implementation and

administrative related activities.

- Support the UNDP corporate and donors reporting requirements including narrative

and financial reporting providing recommendations regarding the alignment with

UNDP rules and regulations.

- Support the research for a media repository of Jordanian women in the national

parliament and reports on elections and vulnerabilities in Jordan.

3. - Perform other administrative, facilitation and coordination functions requested by

the Team-Leader of IPIS-Governance in support of programme activities.


Deliverable Due Date Amount USD

DocuSign Envelope ID: 1C7C0DDD-D929-475B-ABCD-EBCF00D40DC4

- Concept Note on Political Participation in supporting

women´s participation in the local and decentralized


- Project proposal for Governance at the Local Level

- Prepare a draft document on donor mapping

- Briefing Paper on the dialogue on reform of electoral legal

framework for local and national elections

May 15,2021 20%

- Position Paper on Establishing a Media Observatory

covering women's leaders and political aspirants and

women MPs and councillors

- Concept Note on the scale-up of networks for women in

public and political spheres

- Concept Note on UNDP Support to the Independent

Election Commission for 2021

- Concept Note on Enhancing Parliament's Role in

Protecting Human Rights and the Interlinkages with the

Human Right Machinery in Jordan

- Concept note on the Breaking Barriers Campaign

August 1,2021 20%

- Support the Independent Election Commission on Local

and Decentralized Elections




- Prepare and publish a Post-Election Report on Local and

Decentralized Elections

- Database over electoral participation and developments in

the local and decentralized elections




- Briefing Note on the electoral developments and risks

using ERM-Tool, including analysis of the new electoral

legal framework for national and subnational elections.

- Support end of year reporting and planning for 2022

Dec 15,2021 40%


The duration of the Consultancy is 10 Months covering the period from March 11, 2021 to

December 31st, 2021.

6. Institutional Arrangements

• The Consultant will report to the Team Leader

• The Consultant will work closely with the UNDP Jordan Governance and Peace Team Leader,

including team members working with the democratization unit

• The Consultancy will be home based.

7. Competencies

DocuSign Envelope ID: 1C7C0DDD-D929-475B-ABCD-EBCF00D40DC4

• Strong understanding of the process for the formulation of the related UNDP programming

standards and principles.

• Ability to organize and interpret data and present findings in both oral and written form.

• Plans and produces quality results to meet established goals.

• Ability to meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

• Demonstrates strong writing skills. In particular, has the ability to present persuasive,

coherent and well-founded arguments and make messages accessible to a broad audience.

• Strong ability to lead and facilitate complex discussions and arrive at conclusions.

• Ability to translate strategic thinking and innovative ideas into practical operational


• Solid research, analytical and presentation skills.

• Excellent interpersonal, communication skills.

• Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

• Demonstrates strong knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation

• Substantive knowledge of development issues in the Arab region and Jordan

• Substantive knowledge of issues related to UNDP practice areas: Democratic Governance,

Energy and Environment, Sustainable Economic Development and Social Strategies, SDG

attainment, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Gender mainstreaming and Capacity

Development will be an asset.

• Ability to write reports and prepare and deliver presentations.

8. Required Skills and Experience


• Bachelor's degree in economics, political science, social sciences, or other relevant

disciplines, with proven track record in programme development and advanced social

research and analysis.


• At least 5 years of relevant professional experience and solid experience in programme

development and implementation related to UNDP practice areas.

• Prior experience in working with UN Agencies


• Fully proficient in English language, spoken and written.


The award of the contract shall be made to the individual consultant whose offer has

been evaluated and determined as: a) Being responsive/compliant/acceptable, and b)

Having received the highest score based on the following weight of technical and financial

criteria for solicitation as per the schedule below: * Technical criteria weight: 70% *

Financial criteria weight: 30% Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points (70%) in

DocuSign Envelope ID: 1C7C0DDD-D929-475B-ABCD-EBCF00D40DC4

the technical evaluation shall be considered for the financial evaluation. Of those offers

considered in the financial evaluation, the lowest price offer will receive 30 points. The

other offers will receive points in relation to the lowest offer, based on the following

formula: (Pn / Pl)* 30 where Pn is the financial offer being evaluated and Pl is the lowest

financial offer received.

Criteria Weight Max. Point

Technical 70%

A minimum of 5 years of functionally related revenant

professional experience.

20 points

Assessment of technical proposal based on documentation

provided (methodology for undertaking the assignment)

20 points

Timeline and approach

10 points

Gender equity and women's empowerment approach will be


10 points

Prior experience working with UNDP 10 points

Financial 30%

Financial Proposal 30 points


Interested consultants are invited submit the following documents/information to be

considered: 1. Offeror's letter, as per the attached form 2. Personal History Form (P-11),

including 3 references 3. Technical proposal i. Explaining why they are the most suitable

for the work ii. Providing a brief methodology (not more than 3 pages) on how they would

approach and conduct the work. 4. Financial proposal in accordance with the attached

schedule Please submit above information no later than Feb 28,2021, at 18:00 hrs (Jordan

time) by email to:, with subject: (Consultant on Governance and Peace)

Approved by: Majida AlAssaf

Deputy Resident Representative

Sara Ferrer Olivella

Resident Representative





DocuSign Envelope ID: 1C7C0DDD-D929-475B-ABCD-EBCF00D40DC4

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