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Leasing of Heavy and Medium Lift Firefighting Helicopters

Request for proposal
20 déc 2018
Modification / Revision / Corrigendum
3 jan 2019
Clarification / Questions & Answers
12 jan 2019
Clarification / Questions & Answers
22 jan 2019
Clarification / Questions & Answers
26 jan 2019
31 jan 2019


12 janvier 2019

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31 janvier 2019



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Services , Equipements



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Leasing of Heavy and Medium Lift Firefighting Helicopters

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LA - Aviation Support

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31 Jan 2019

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1. Hellenic Fire Corps (HFC) is the National Agency of Greece for fire and rescue service. HFC has a requirement to lease civil registered helicopters with aerial firefighting capabilities during the Greek firefighting season. During the leasing period, leased helicopters shall be available for the exclusive use of the HFC.
2. This Scope of Work (SOW) presents HFC requirements, conceptual information and specific work requirements for the lease of seven (7) medium-lift and three (3) heavy-lift aerial firefighting helicopters. Required helicopter technical specifications are described in Annex A and Annex B of this SOW.
3. Helicopter leasing shall include the aircraft, the complete crew, maintenance, and insurance throughout the leasing cycle (wet lease). The Contractor is fully responsible to assure safety of ground and flight operations.
1.2 Project Constraint
4. This project is divided into two parts according to the helicopter categories:
- Leasing of seven (7) medium-lift helicopters class with an option of maximum five (5) more (7+1+1+1+1+1) and
- Leasing of three (3) heavy-lift helicopters class with an option of maximum three (3) more (3+1+1+1).
The initial quantity of seven (7) medium-lift and three (3) heavy-lift helicopters is the base for all the years of the contract. NSPA/HFC will timely, which is until 31st of January for each year, inform the contractor for the required helicopters quantity per category for the specific year. This requirement shall be binding for the contractor.
The Contractor may offer leasing for both helicopter categories or only for one helicopter category; nevertheless, the offer shall cover the total required number of helicopters per category.
1.2.1 Transportation
5. Transportation of helicopters, material and personnel to and from HFC base shall be Contractor’s responsibility unless decided otherwise (for detailed information see Section 3.6).
Timing and Completion
6. Aerial Firefighting Helicopter leasing is planned for the2019 / 2020 /2021 firefighting season and optional extension for the years 2022 & 2023.
7. Greek firefighting season lasts from 1 May until 31 October. The annual leasing cycle is foreseen for an uninterrupted period of 120 days per helicopter with a possible extension of several weeks.
8. Time periods or cycles and calendar limitations defined in days shall be considered as calendar days, unless otherwise specified.
2.1 Language
9. The official communication language between the Contractor and HFC shall be Greek. The Contractor shall have adequate personnel with fluent communication skills in Greek language for the execution of this project (see Section 3.10.4).
10. Communication language between the Contractor and NSPA shall be in English language.

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