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The overall objective of this consultancy is to deliver an Ecosystems Services Valuation (ESV) for the Okavango Mababe Concession also known as NG41. This ESV will establish biodiversity and ecosystem services information on the economic value of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These should include mechanisms for assessing and valuing ecosystem performance, as well as documenting results to build on work at the national level.


UNDP   1 Jun 2020 15 Jun 2020
Independent Evaluation of the Global Concessional Financing Facility (GCFF)

The independent evaluation of the GCFF is to be conducted after 3 years of operations. As per the Operations Manual of the GCFF, the independent evaluation shall: (i) Draw lessons learned; (ii) Assess Progress towards the Objective; and (iii) Recommend any changes to design and management.


WB   1 Jun 2020 15 Jun 2020
PISA 2024 Core 4. Innovative Domain: Learning in the Digital World

The objective of this Core 4 is the instrument development and analysis for the Learning in the Digital World assessment. The PISA 2024 innovative domain (Learning in the Digital World) aims to strengthen our understanding of what skills and attitudes students need to develop in order to become autonomous, lifelong learners in increasingly digital education and work environments. ---------- L'objectif de ce Core 4 est de développer et analyser les instruments pour l'évaluation « Apprendre dans le monde numérique ». Le domaine innovant PISA 2024 « Apprendre dans le monde numérique » vise à renforcer notre compréhension des compétences et des attitudes que les étudiants doivent développer pour devenir pour toujours des apprenants autonomes dans des environnements de formation et de travail de plus en plus numériques.


OECD   1 Jun 2020 2 Jun 2020
International Consultant (Marine Plastics/Waste and Circular Economy)

The International Consultant is expected to provide effective implementation and development of the waste and marine plastic portfolio; and provide strategic advice to UNDP Viet Nam and the Government of Viet Nam on waste/plastic management and circular economy.


UNDP   1 Jun 2020 11 Jun 2020
CSOs Capacity-building Mechanism

The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals is to have the organizational and institutional capacities of the CSOs reinforced and their long-term strategic development enhanced. This will be pursued through the provision of a set of capacity building activities, such as trainings, coaching, studies, customized helpdesk as well as legal and regulatory advice. This action also aims at having the legal and political environment in which CSOs operate regularly monitored.


EC 3 000 000  EUR 1 Jun 2020 18 Jun 2020