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Citizens Against Corruption

The Citizens Against Corruption project aims to foster links between justice and rule of law sector institutions and the communities they serve through support to local civil society and educational organizations, including efforts to raise awareness about human rights, anticorruption, gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, education and training in communities; and, efforts to advocate on legal and policy reform. The project also seeks to build the capacity of civil society organizations that operate throughout Serbia.


USSTATE 500 000  USD 3 déc 2020 3 fév 2021
Procurement of One Turnkey Contractors for the Refurbishment of 42 Storm Damaged Houses at Waterwaal (DCS)

Due to the storm, there is about 42 houses which have been severely impacted by the storm, with at least 5 houses that need to be demolished and to be re-built.

Afrique du Sud

DBSA   3 déc 2020 14 déc 2020
Contratación de Servicios de Estudios Geotécnicos para los Proyectos de UNOPS en Nicaragua, mediante un Acuerdo de Oferta Abierta (BPA)


-Realizar estudios de geotecnia, a detalle, que se integren en el Expediente Técnico de las obras a ejecutar en el marco de la asistencia técnica brindada por UNOPS.

-Conocer las características geológicas de los suelos existentes en el emplazamiento y facilitar recomendaciones relativas al diseño de la cimentación, entre otros aspectos...


UNOPS   3 déc 2020 11 déc 2020
PPM - Egypt - Building Capacity and Institutional Strengthening of Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation - V2

Office Equipment; IT Equipment; Web Designer; Financial and Admin Manager; Auditor


AfDB   3 déc 2020
Procurement Assistant

The Procurement Assistant will be responsible for performing a range of administrative and clerical tasks for PPFD's Consulting Services Unit.


ADB 16 000  USD 3 déc 2020 9 déc 2020