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IT assistance and support for 36 school units in Romania


Provide IT assistance and support to 36 school units from Bacau county to facilitate access to online learning (max. 10 hours/school/month).

The type of support provided should be tailored to the individual needs of the school units...


UNICEF   3 Дек 2020 16 Дек 2020
RFQ146 - 2020 for Works in Respite and occupational rehabilitation center in Gostivar

Северная Македония

UNDP   3 Дек 2020 9 Дек 2020
Request For Quotation for Start Up Kits

We kindly request you to submit your quotation for Supply of Start Up Kits for Rumbek VTC, Bor VTC and Torit VTC, South Sudan as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ. When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 1...

Южный Судан

UNDP   3 Дек 2020 7 Дек 2020
Solicitation for Resident Hire USPSC Communications and Coordination Specialist

The Communications and Coordination Specialist serves as the principal focal point for REO on internal and external communication and coordination processes, including learning and outreach products, for the REO E&I portfolio. 


USAID   3 Дек 2020 31 Дек 2020
Rehabilitation of emergency building in Baiji


UNDP   3 Дек 2020 23 Дек 2020