15-16-17 October 2024
Online Networking Event
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Assortis was created by a team of leading consultants with many years of active professional experience within the International Development Aid and the IT sector.


Assortis bridges the gap among all actors involved in the International Cooperation and Development field building a demand driven International Cooperation platform and business network.

20 years
on the field

Assortis was launched as a pioneering project in 2000. During two decades we kept developing our databases resulting in the most complete and enduring source of information in our sector.

About us

A worldwide presence

While the Headquarter is located in Brussels, Belgium, the Assortis team works from different locations in Europe and Asia.

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the work of all actors working in the International Development sector to retrieve the information they need and connect this community through fostering exchange and result-based dialogue.

Our services

Assortis connects the dots on the
international cooperation map through:

Match-making existing needs in different countries with relevant expertise and know-how.

Serving as an interface between donor community, governments, private and civil sectors.

Pairing of prospective implementers with business opportunities and high-quality expertise in more than 20 sectors and themes.

Providing donors with useful insights into local partnerships and needs of the development sector worldwide.

Disseminating information about ongoing calls for proposals and cooperation opportunities.

Facilitating access to knowledge about local context and 230 countries all over the world.