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Assortis training for Organisations.

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Training Academy

The Assortis Training Academy (ASTAC) provides training to increase your project success rate and impact in development aid public service tenders and calls for proposals.

Training portfolio

Writing a winning tender

International tenders in development aid are a business opportunity for local companies. The chances to win highly depend on the quality of your proposal. You need to be smart in choosing the good ingredients: being in line with the terms of reference, being effective when you describe the services and the team you offer, and convincing when you justify your budget.

Business development for tenders

International tenders for consulting in development aid are a business opportunity for local companies. To be successful you need to know which tenders come out, who the possible partners or competitors are, develop the right partnerships, connect with the right stakeholders, collect the appropriate business intelligence and negotiate your share of the cake.

Being a good Expert

Being a good expert operating in international projects requires skills going beyond specific areas of expertise. A good expert is an assertive self-promoter, an empathic communicator, an effective writer, and an efficient manager of his/her assignment. Upgrading your professional profile will increase your chances to get selected on new positions and will improve client's satisfaction and therefore your reputation.

Being a good Project Office Manager

The role of the project office manager is key to project implementation success. A good project office manager is an assertive self-promoter, an efficient manager of logistic, administrative and financial aspects of the project, an effective communicator both orally and in writing, and a person happy with his/her work. Upgrading the professional's profile will increase the chances of success for those who look for job and will increase efficiency and motivation of the current office managers.

Writing a winning project proposal*

Several local and international organisations provide grants to co-finance projects in a wide range of fields: food security, energy, immigration, enterprise innovation, rural development, etc. To be convincing in your project proposal you need to show that your project is unique, that it adds real value with limited resources and will be a tool for change. A winning project is a mix of good design, financing program knowledge, and creativity.

*This module can also be delivered specifically on EU Funds accessible to your country.

My Assortis training

Assortis can deliver training courses either at your premises or at Assortis Headquarters in Brussels.
The training modules in our portfolio can be customised according to your needs.

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